Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Two years ago my then-flatmate and I irresponsibly purchased Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD. We received the box set one month before our exams. Needless to say, academic success was absent that semester.

Since that time, we've split up and been stranded on different continents. For practical reasons, my mate was left with the treasure. But now, the goods are on their way to Volda. As if this weren't enough, flatmate Geir just received the second season of The West Wing. We have a tight schedule ahead of us before the exam reading can start.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Revealed: leftist journo bias

The voting pattern of the sleepy journalist above is unknown. What we know is he claims to be struggling with his term paper.

Almost all the aspiring journalists in our little paradise are left-wing radicals. This seems to be the only sensible conclusion emanating from my ground-breaking paper "Are YOU a neutral journalist? An inquiry into the political sympathies of journalism students in Volda".

Now, the only task remaining is to camouflage and explain away the most striking flaws in the paper, such as haphazard structure, dubious reasoning and an almost complete lack of theoretical foundation.

Can linguistic finesse and a mind-blowing introduction bring home a decent grade? My bet is it will.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

White November rain

Enter the snowy season. Being a modern Norwegian, I choose to enjoy most of it through the window.

Thomas's Volkswagen Derby spends a lot of time at its private parking lot in the middle of Myrane. It's also recently had its tires changed.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wild is the wind

My 20-page bachelor paper is due in ten days and I can't get started. So what could be better than at trip into the Sunnmørsalps to find inspiration?

As usual I had no idea what to wear and pack for the trip. Since I have no mountain gear to speak of, I settled for army boots and a lousy rain jacket. When my comrades and I were standing at the top of Sandhornet (909m), the wind was blowing a bit too fast and the snow was getting bothersome. Some would say it's silly to believe that the weather at 50 metres above sea level will be the same at 900m. The sad thing is that the frequency of my ventures to the peaks of Sunnmøre is so low that the hard-acquired wisdom of this trip will be forgotten by next time.

I didn't get any inspiration for my paper, which will be a mind-boggling investigation into the political bias among the aspiring journos in Volda. I'm still convinced that I would be worse off as a person if I'd sat in my room trying to write the bloody paper instead of visiting Mother Nature today.