Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spices up your life

Jon-Arne serves beer while Hanne Marie (left) flirts with the customers. More than one hundred volunteers contribute to creating Volda's highlight of the year. This is the fourth day of the tenth Norwegian Documentary Film Festival. Spring wouldn't be the same without it.

Below: Happy-Kris (left) and Howard

Friday, April 14, 2006

Orkdal cat tests balance of power

"Hm. The new neighbour's rabbit doesn't seem to understand the importance of territory. What would Bismarck do?"

"Hey, two-teeth! Go dig holes in your own garden. This field isn't big enough for both of us."

"Okaaaay, you can stay. I was only joking. No need to resort to violence. Have you rodents no sense of humour?"

(Otto von Bismarck (1815-98): German chancellor, known for his brilliant handling of foreign policy and calculation of the power equilibrium in Europe.)

Smells like spring

The dubious characters eating and smelling dandelions, respectively, are Jørgen and Tormod. They look forward to a season of laughter, sun and indecency in Trøndelag.

Trønder climbs mountain and gets caught by avalanche

I have for once put my money where my mouth is and climbed western Trollheimen's highest peak, Snota (1669 m). The same goes for dad. As everyone knows, I'm a pretty shy guy, so I'm posting pictures of him instead of myself.

Highlights: meeting my old pal Lars Gudmund, to whom I haven't spoken in three years; and being caught in an avalanche. It wasn't more than 15x20 yards, but being caught and dragged by unruly masses of snow is nevertheless unnerving.

One would believe that the physical strain of a five-hour climb would be hard to top. But the hour I spent trying to ski down from the bloody mountain was worse. Steep hills, hard snow and skis that are ment for prepped cross-country tracks was the silliest combination in Trollheimen yesterday.

I haven't suffered such agony since I initially drunk and gradually hung over climbed the 1564 metres of Slogen, a devilishly steep mountain in Sunnmøre. Being young and immortal, I quit drinking at 7 AM, slept for two hours and then joined the local student nature fanatics for a nice lil' trip. I have seldom doubted more whether I was truly and intensely alive or nearly dead.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tower of power

I used to believe that NRK had their offices in the tower above. They actually craft their stories in a building nearby.

After recovering from the initial disappointment of not working in the Tyholt tower, I've come to like the little newsroom of NRK Trøndelag in Trondheim. It will feel good but slightly weird when I'm discharged.

I was supposed to quit Friday, but since I spent a few days too many recovering from a meeting, I have to work three days extra. Then awaits Easter, and after that, Volda and The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

King of the woods

Sunday had no hangover, so I asked dad if we could go skiing. He's in vastly better shape than I, but I managed to follow for most of the six miles we put behind us. The main goal of the upcoming Easter: Snota (1669 m) in Trollheimen.

Ever taken photos while trying to keep up with a cross-country skier? About one in 15 frames comes out sharp.