Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Walk the talk

The currently running Studio 60 (TV 3) is created by the producer of the West Wing, and the show is completely ok. But there's no walking and talking. It's the walking that made the West Wing the best TV drama in the last ten years. Endless and intriguing dialogues, scenes of 20 seconds and more with the interlocutors discussing, drinking coffee and walking down stairs, through doors, past offices, and it's all filmed in one take. The profession of political adviser has never seemed sexier.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Pickup lines

...for European student meetings:

"What's a sweet little girl like you doing on a meeting like this?"

"So, how do you like my degree structure?"

"Would you like to put an amendment in my pigeon hole?"

"I'd suspend my standing orders for you any day."

I haven't tried them, use at your own risk.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

European Students' Union

This is the new name of StL's European umbrella organisation. Other highlights from its 52nd Board Meeting: so-called statements explaining everything thinkable and unthinkable about voting behaviour and opinions about non-satisfactory decisions; occasional emotional outbursts from board members; and the adoption of a universal student rights charter.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Norsk på Tallinn

Vice ordförande Pelle of Sveriges förenade studentkårer overviews Tallinn's old town from a vantage point. StL's very own Mikael Strand in the back.

At the Occupation Museum, Mikael is pondering which evil is worst. The Estonian people didn't even get the chance to choose only one of them, and were occupied by both the Soviets and the Nazis.

At the trolley bus, Tina Marii and Mikael are controlled by the ticket man (right).

The world in his hands: President Lasse of the Uni student union of Finland invents political campaigns on the fly. Here, the theme is how to get students to vote. StL plans to steal his workshop group's ideas to use them in the Norwegian regional and local elections in September.

The theme of the Nordic and Baltic ordförande möte (NOMBOM for short) was students and democracy. Parnuna of Greenland (left) and Hrönn of Iceland elaborate on the former speaker's thoughts.

From the unpublished archive

BERLIN, MARCH: Olav (left) and Kim debate the great matters of the day. University pioneer Humboldt (statue) ponders the arguments. Photo by Tore Vånge

After walking for an entire day looking for Berlin's finest second-hand store, Tore and Kim decide to use modern technology to locate the site. Sabina from Finland is waiting in excitement.